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Loan Modifications

Helping you keep your home is our top priority.

Put simply, nobody plans to become delinquent on their loans…but it’s something that can (and does) happen more frequently than you’d think.

In the 30 years we’ve been serving Vacaville and the surrounding communities, we’ve seen the local,national, and global economy rise and fall multiple times. This has had a tremendous impact on interest rates, the job market, and people’s ability to make their mortgage payments. On a more personal scale, we’ve seen how things like divorce, medical debt, and untimely loss of life can create difficulties in making loan payments.

Struggling to make your payments? One of the best things you can do in this situation is act quickly. At Cornerstone, we treat our clients like family and want to help you keep your home. Our loan modification specialists will review your situation and reach out to the loan servicer to try to resolve the issue free of charge.

Here’s how loan modification works:

Changing your mortgage may seem like an impossible task, but lenders are often willing to modify the terms of your loan to avoid the hassle and costs associated with a foreclosure. There are many different ways this can occur. Some examples include modifying your interest rate, reducing your principal balance, extending the length of your loan term, or re-financing the loan entirely. In general, the earlier you address the issue the more likely it is to work out in your favor. Reach out todayto discover how our free loan modification services can help.

Want to learn more? Speak to a loan modification expert for free today.

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