home retention


Need help completing a loan modification

We will help you get it done. We will go over all of your paperwork and walk you through every
step of the process.

Are close to missing your next payment

We will look over your current mortgage and help you find a way to lessen this financial stress.

Have already missed a payment

We will help you apply for a loan modification to make your mortgage affordable again.

Need to short sale your home

This occurs when the value of your home is less than the amount of your mortgage. We will help you sell your home and get a short sale approval from your current lender.

No one plans on becoming delinquent on their mortgage, but sometimes life takes unexpected turns. At Cornerstone, we understand that taking the first step to reach out to a lending institution to discuss missing your payments is stressful and unpleasant. This is why we are committed to assisting our community members in navigating this daunting task.  

Most families who are facing the possibility of losing their home won’t reach out to their mortgage servicer until it’s too late. We mean what we say when we say you are family. Cornerstone will help you reach out to your loan servicer and review your home retention options for free. We never charge for helping someone with a loan modification. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let us help you today.

I need help with a modification

How it Works:

Loan modifications come in many different forms. The lender may reduce your principal balance, change your interest rate, extend the length of the loan, or re-finance you into a different loan that is a better fit for your current situation.

Lenders are sometimes willing to modify a loan because it costs them less than handling a foreclosure. If you are struggling to make, your payments let us help you before it is too late.

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