2 Reasons Why Fall Historically is the Best Time To Buy A Home.

If you’ve been on the fence about putting in an offer, fall may be the best time to go for it. Why? Because nationally it’s the BEST time to buy a home! The real estate market tends to be most favorable to buyers at the beginning of fall. 

More Inventory

Early fall tends to be peak season for available home inventory, and 2022 is no exception to this rule. According to realtor.com, there will be 12.9% more listings the first week of October than there was in the beginning of the year.

Fewer Bidding Wars

It’s no secret that spring and summer are prime time to buy a home. With the school year ending and the weather changing for the better, these seasons are optimal for moving. This means more offers and greater competition in the market! Luckily, at the beginning of fall, demand should be lower than peak market.  

(Slightly) Better Affordability

Many buyers have felt priced out of the market, and for good reason. Home prices have climbed the past 24 months, resulting in people paying well over-asking price. During the beginning of fall, buyers should see prices dropping.

If you’re in a place to buy, take advantage of what the beginning of fall has to offer and make your offer during the first week of October! If you’re not quite ready or just want to know your options, that’s okay too. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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