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It’s time to go shopping! Here are a few quick suggestions to make sure your shopping trip is risk-free.

Good Cybersecurity Practices

Junk mail production rises during the holidays. Don’t click on any dubious links from organizations you are unfamiliar with. Make sure the firm is reliable and the website URL starts with https:// before making an online transaction. This proves that it is safe.

Instead of using a debit card or prepaid card to make transactions online, use a credit card. Regularly review your credit card statement, and notify the credit card company of any shady activity. You may challenge them.

Report the incident to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at if you are indeed the victim of a scam.

Purchasing at a mall

It’s time for you to give up the bulky handbags. Simply because there is so much in there, it appeals to thieves. Take your driver’s license, insurance card, and other relevant documents, along with the one credit card you’ll be using. Keep your cash to a minimum. For security, store what you need to carry in a jacket pocket with a zipper.

Shop if you can during the day. Consider going with a friend if you have to go shopping late at night. If you notice somebody acting suspiciously in the parking lot, ask mall security to help you get to your car.

Never leave your automobile unattended while the bags from your purchases are out in the open. Lock your things in the trunk if you want to make many shopping stops.

I hope these pointers are beneficial. As always, if you have any inquiries regarding your mortgage or have a friend or relative who wants to buy a home or refinance, give us a call. Cornerstone Real Estate and Home Loans is here to help.

Merry Christmas!

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