About Us

Meet Joel Rodriguez

In May 2003, I received my real estate license and worked for a local mortgage broker for about a year before realizing that working for two separate companies was not the most efficient way to close a purchase transaction for my customers. I finally convinced my mother, Carmen Rodriguez, to open up her own real estate and mortgage broker firm in May 2004.

I graduated from Vacaville High School in 2000 and received an athletic scholarship to play soccer for Sacramento State University. After playing only two years in school, I left after fall 2002 to follow my dream of playing professional soccer. After playing only two months in a second-division league in another country, I moved back home in February 2003. Playing a team sport taught me dedication, accountability, teamwork, and work ethic. As a mortgage broker I carry these same values for all the families that I serve.

Each and every borrower has its unique qualities that may initially limit their loan qualifying potential. I enjoy listening to my client's story to understand your situation so that we can present a quality mortgage application for the lender’s review. I pride myself in staying up to date with program guidelines and lenders’ overlays so I can provide my clients the confidence that Cornerstone will close your loan.

Meet Carmen Rodriguez

I have been a realtor since 1988 and a real estate broker since 1992. With nearly 30 years of experience in real estate, I oversee my team at Cornerstone and offer a broad range of services to our clients that will meet their individual needs. I thrive on opportunities where I can resolve problems and achieve goals that exceed clients’ expectations.

I became a real estate agent because my parents had a bad transaction when buying their first home in 1987. My parents and sister had just come to live in the United States; my parents spoke no English and were in their 60s. I found an agent who offered to help my parents buy their first home, but I did not want to interfere with the transaction, so I did not get involved in the process until my parents had moved into the house. This is when I discovered that the agent I recommended to my parents had not helped them at all: the agent had not advised them of their right to obtain all necessary inspections, their right to ask the sellers for repairs, or even the best way to take title in case someone passed away in the future.

After this experience, I decided to get my real estate license and help as many people as possible during their home buying process so they would not have to go through the situation my parents had to. Since then, my philosophy for working with clients has been “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

What is

Cornerstone is a real estate and mortgage broker company that helps families sell, buy, and finance their homes. As brokers we have built relationships with a multitude of financial institutions and are therefore able to provide our customers with several products to choose from. Cornerstone is built on the principle of forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our goal isn’t simply to provide you with a service but also to continuously educate and empower you to make wise and educated real estate and mortgage decisions.

Why use

Cornerstone is a family-owned business, and we make all our decisions based on what is best for our clients. At Cornerstone, we work directly with you during the entire process because we value our relationship with you over a closing. We are part of the same community, so you can trust that you are more than a file—you’re our friend and neighbor.

We understand that owning a home is not simply a purchase but an accomplishment. Our goal is not only to find buyers the right home but also to provide you with essential information about maintaining your home and paying off your mortgage. At Cornerstone, we are raising the standards for realtors: Cornerstone Realtors invest in their continued education. They are Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designated and Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) licensed, meaning they are the best of the best in real estate.

When you work with Cornerstone, you also have a team of dedicated mortgage brokers who work with you personally to help you meet your financial goals. Our mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of loan options so we can find the right loan for you. At Cornerstone, we work to find you loans with more flexible terms and at wholesale rates that will save you money. We advocate on your behalf to find the best loans.